Nobody's Business 29, Southside Bar & Grill 18
In game #2 of the C finals, Nobody's staved off elimination by using a decisive 12 run fifth inning to come from behind and beat Southside setting up a final game #3 Tuesday night. The game resembled more of a prize fight between two fighters as the Biz took the Grill's best shot of an 11 run second inning, but was not knocked out. They scored 6 in the third and then used the fifth for the lead.  Shane Walker hit 2 HR's while Ed Collins, Dylan Walker, Scott Banche, Tim Brandt and Wes Archer added 4 hits apiece. Kevin Separy and Ken Bush also hit well for the winners. 
Johnny and Travis led Southside. (Sorry, no last names were provided.) So far its been a great series which has come down to the last game of the season. Good luck to all! Cheers

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