Whats happened?
I’s on mah last foot ands this Fan decides ta look upon mah ole stompin’ grounds ands whats does I’s see’s? Nobodies here’s no more! What’s happens?
Youse gots a smiddiggens of teams the ways we’s used ta have tons!
What’s happened’s ta Mah Favorite Pouchie?
Where’s does the Round Headed Kid’s gone to?
How comes nobodies posts here’s no more?
What’s in tarnation ‘tis happens?
It looks ta this Fan that’s youse gots a bunch of new bees whose runs the leagues into’s the sands!
Is Ken’s Dung still Ken’s Dung? or ‘tis he’s some imposter? After seein’ all this nothin’s happenin’ I’s gonna dies a disappointed old softball Fan.
Looks likes this towns needs ole Fantom ta run fer the Top office in order ta put youse all backs on the maps!
This Fan hopes youse all gits youse gloves on fer one heck of a season ands stops sitiin’ on youse cabooses playin’ Donkey Kong! 
Play Ball!, Fantom

Happy Birthday Fantom! 
Born on April Fools Day. (go figure)

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